Design Philosophy

I’ve always been fascinated by buildings. Our every day lives are influenced by the buildings we inhabit, if the buildings are ill suited to our needs then the lives of all who inhabit them will be impaired. A building, be it a home or a work place should provide it’s occupants with warmth, comfort & security.

“exist in a house, live in a home”

Laid out correctly, a home or workplace should effortlessly accommodate the complexities of modern life. While the aesthetics of each home or work place may differ greatly, the common thread that links all successful buildings are ‘good layouts’ & ‘natural light’. By paying attention to detail, function & form, a successful layout will weave together the many different and complex elements that make up a home or work place. Layout alone is nothing without sunlight & a link to the outside world. If the right rooms are facing south, the space is energised, bright, sunny & cheerful, and if the wrong rooms are facing north, the internal space is melancholy.
The above principals, together with a sustainable approach to building, can lessen our impact on the environment and have a positive effect on society in general. When houses become homes, communities are formed and roots are put down. By building healthy homes & work places, we can nurture the human spirit.

I studied architecture at DIT and graduated with a degree from Trinity College in 1997. Having spent 10 years working in commercial architectural practices in Dublin, Monaghan & Sligo, I became acutely aware of the lack of good design in domestic dwellings. Developers & designers were creating houses, not ‘homes’.
TGF Architecture was founded in 2007. with the intention of providing a bespoke home design service. Delivering functional domestic architecture, integrated with elegant interior design and practical landscaping solutions for the home owner. The landscaping and garden design elements can be tailor made to suite each home, in terms of style, layout and level of commitment to gardening either by the home owners or their garden maintenance contractor.
Having worked on many renovations & extensions, I have gained a deep understanding and appreciation of our domestic architectural heritage. In 2014, I completed an Accreditation in Conservation at Grade III with the RIAI, with a view to becoming a Conservation Architect through further study and practical experience.